Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Swing Assist Is More Customizable

Spider-Man 2 Swing Assist

Amazing Spider Man 2 Steam

Marvel has witnessed remarkable growth and success with superhero games in recent years, particularly with action games like Avengers, Spider-Man Milestones, and many more thrilling titles that greatly attracted game enthusiasts to the studio. Seamlessly, Marvel is still committed to making immersive, enjoyable, and more accessible games without compromising on standards. 

Furthermore, Marvel is about to come up with the launch of a new, most anticipated game of the year, Amazing Marvel Spider Man 2 Steam, which will be released in a couple of weeks On October 20. The most innovative game developer, Insomniac, has developed it, while Sony Interactive Entertainment will publish it.

For many gamers, the more difficult the game is, the more interesting and realistic it will be; it is revealed on a Twitter post that Spider-Man 2 will have a new feature that will allow players to scale the swinging assist. It will make the game more engaging and enjoyable.

However, it is in contrast to the previous preferences of hand-holding in many creations of insomniac games. With this feature, players will be able to set the swings as difficult as they wish with reducing the assistance during swings. Spider-Man 2 swing assist slider is an additional move because, according to the developer in previous games, max assistance was standard. That is why, in the very title, max assistance in swings is kept default, and players can switch to less assistance by their choice, making the game moves more difficult and stubborn. 

Providing you with more details, Spider-Man 2 is going to have 10 levels of swing assistance on the slider. The game starts with maximum assistance, as level 10 is set to default from previous games. However, the Spider-Man 2 swing assist slider will allow players to set the assistance as little as they wish. 

The new move of Insomniac games toward more customization is greatly welcomed and appreciated by game enthusiasts. The ultimate entertainment of a game cannot be achieved until you feel the things completely on hand and in control, and this feature may reduce the assistance in swings but will lend a hand to more entertainment and enjoyment of players.

Additionally, Insomniac Games introduced many accessibility features in Marvel Spider-Man 2, including challenge level modifier, altering game speed, and audio frequency customization, meanwhile annexing a feature of swing assist scaling that is totally opposite.


    Many players might keep playing on the default mode of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 swing assist to enjoy the smooth and effortless experience of the game; however, some might set it on a lower level of assistance and more difficulty to get a more realistic feel.

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