Outward 2 Looks Exciting in Trailer; Showcasing Souls-Like Experience

Outward 2

Nine dot Studios has announced its latest release, Outward 2, with a trailer of almost two minutes, and at the end of the trailer only describes Wishlist On Steam. 

Apart from the game glimpses and PC announcement through Steam wishlist, there is no release date or console update of the game

Outward 2 is an indie open-world RPG that meets the core mechanics of the soulslike games. So, as an RPG, it will become many folks’ favorite.

If we look at the recent releases we see a clear indication of the fans’ enthusiasm for RPGs.RPGs like Baldur’s Gate 3, Starfield, and Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty found immense success last year; whereas, this year is looking more exciting as the RPGs are coming better than ever. 

With games like Rise of the Ronin, Dragon Dogma 2, and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, we can confidently say that this year is a dream come true for RPG fans.

Although it’s difficult for an indie RPG to get recognition in such a saturated genre, the Outward 2 trailer has impressed many of us due to its challenging combat and beautiful open world. In the trailer, the encounters shown illustrate the engaging combat.

Outward was mediocre for many people while the flaws of the game were in graphics, combat, and an empty open world.

Meanwhile, Outward 2 has made some refinements in the combat, open world, and character customization.

Changes In Outward 2

  • The combat of the game is overall refined such as more responsive encounters and the inclusion of dual-wield
  • The character has more customization options and there is the inclusion of a new exercise tree and tasks for character improvement and others.
  • The open world looks more alive with improvements in visuals while also adding day-night cycles, More NPCs with the effect of weather on their behavior, and many encounters to make the story more immersive

Nevertheless, with the setbacks Outward did still get some impressive sales of around 1.3 million, so the sequel with such improvements might raise the bar for the franchise, and we will see impressive numbers of sales for Outward 2.

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