Next Ghost Recon Game Will Feature First-Person Perspective

Next Ghost Recon Game

Next Ghost Recon Game having a Naiman War setting will have a first-person perspective gameplay with inspirations from the main shooter series like Battlefield, Modern Warfare, and Ready Or Not.

Tactical shooter games are one of the favorite subgenres of shooter games for those who not only like aggressive shooting but also some specialized attacks through various planning.

Ubisoft seems to have dominated the genre with its top-class franchises Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six Siege.

However, what’s interesting here is that Ubisoft’s next mainline release from the Ghost Recon series Project Over is slated for 2025 to 2026 with Naiman War settings.

Last year Tom Henderson leaked that the next Ghost Recon game is in development under the codename Project Over while he didn’t specify the platforms and the release date of the game.

Next Ghost Recon Game New Details

However, he has now come up with some extra details about the project like gameplay, graphics, and release window of the game.

The Project Over is going to be in of setting of the Naiman War, located in a hostiled southeast country where terrorism is at its peak killing hundreds of innocent people.

As a specialist team referred to as ghosts, you will be assigned various stealthy tasks uncovering terrorists and traitors while also sabotaging various planned attacks.

Meanwhile, what’s more intriguing is that the franchise is heading back to its roots as the game will feature a first-person perspective, giving the sense of a tactical shooter in a more immersive way.

Nevertheless, the game has pointed out the various capabilities of other dominating first-person shooters like the Modern Warfare series, Battlefield, Squad, and Ready or Not to be inspired for inclusion in their game.

Although Insider Gaming did mention that they are not allowed to share the gameplay footage, they concluded that what they have seen so far is that the game has improved the graphics and is something similar to Ready Or Not type.

While also taking inspiration from the modern warfare series dark and controversial missions and segments such as a man holding a baby was perceived as a bomb and squad about to attack him but realized at the very last second.

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Source: Insider Gaming

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