Spider-Man 2 Update Hinting At A DLC Of Beetle

Spider Man 2

Insomniac introduced their new superhero game Spider-Man 2. The game emerged as one of the best PlayStation exclusives last year leading millions of sales within a few weeks while the reviews of the game were also up to par with a Metacritic score of 90.

However, Sony released the most awaited Game+ feature with some other changes in the newly released update however, what’s more interesting is that it added access to the debug mode of the game.

From the debug, it is speculated that the game is going to get a DLC in the future.

The debug mode is for developers when developing a game to test the game and fix issues however, when players get to the debug they find missions that are not included in the released game.

While in the missions there was a new character Beetle, a new villain in Spider-Man 2 that was not introduced in the game. The character is the daughter of Tombstone, which is shown in the Spider-Man comics.

So, two assumptions can be made from this deviation in the game story one is that these are planned for future DLC while the other can be that these were scrapped after a change in plan for the plot.

Meanwhile, it’s not the first time to witness such information as previously a report suggests that the game has used only 10 of the venom dialogues that are made by the voice actor.

Similarly, in that scenario, folks started speculation about the venom spin-off, which was also revealed from the leaks in the Studio Ransome attack.

However, it’s too early to say anything about Spider-Man 2 DLC from these weird things but it’s really worth noting for the speculation of the DLC.

Spider-Man 2 PC Port

Nevertheless, to enjoy Spider-Man 2 on your gaming PC there is also an unofficial PC port made, which after several enhancements now resembles closely with the original Spider-Man-2 on PS5.

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