Outlast Trials Sold 1.6 Million Units In Early Access On PC

Outlast Trails

Last year, there was a solid AAA psychological horror game, Alan Wake 2 that was rumbling all over the gaming netizens and made it to critical and commercial acclaim.

However, we might see a similar type of situation this year with an indie Horror title as the Outlast franchise gets its new release yesterday Outlast Trails. 

Outlast Trials Steam Early Access Sales

What’s more interesting here is that the game has already sold 1.6 million in early access On PC Steam. The sales indicate that the game emerged as one of the best indie games as such sales are not easier for even AAA titles.

The game dropped early access on PC in May 2023 and with the timeline the game has achieved milestones. 

As revealed by Gamepress, the latest psychological horror game amassed 1.6 million units in its early-access days. Meanwhile, the franchise also saw an incline in its sales as it reached the 37 million sales mark.

Although the results are still impressive, the game has slowed a bit as in its first week the game got 500k of these sales and in July, the game completed its one million mark. 

It is very impressive to see the game has performed that much from just PC while as it is live today for Xbox and PlayStation it will ultimately lead to a boost of sales probably more than twice.

Meanwhile, Outlast 2 of the franchise gathered only a million from all platforms while the total franchise sales were at 15 million in the year 2018.

Outlast Trials Gameplay And Price Details

Nonetheless, Outlast Trials features a playtime of up to 19 hours for the main story while takes 31 hours for completion including those extras. 

Outlast Trials launched on March 5 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox series X/S as a four-player co-op multiplayer survival game with crossplay available between different platforms.

The game Standard Edition costs $39.99 USD while the DELUXE EDITION costs $49.99 USD which includes the benefit of the inclusion of Reagent Starter Pack, which alone costs around $20.00 USD.

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