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Mob Entertainment

Poppy Playtime

Mob Entertainment has found great recognition among indie franchises with its horror game Poppy Playtime, which was released back in 2021. The game was meant to be episodic, so as of now, three chapters of the game have been released. The latest chapter, Poppy Playtime 3, was released in January 2024.

Mob Entertainment Sci-fi Game

However, what’s interesting here is that the studio is now working on another genre game, a single-player sci-fi comedy action game. 

We get these intriguing details from the studio’s recent job listing, where it is looking for a Senior Game Designer Remote for its next game.

Source: Mob Entertainment

Unlike the previous project, Poppy Playtime, using Unreal Engine 4, The new Sci-fi comedy action game will be developed with Unreal Engine 5, which means the game will live up to modern indie games’ visuals and mechanics.

Moreover, the studio appears ambitious for their next game as they is looking for developers to craft new and innovative ideas as per the job listing.

The job listing indicates that the studio is looking to make every aspect of the game promising, as it describes that the game designer creates a design that resonates with the narrative. 

If we look back, we see that Indie games are evolving in such ways that users are now enjoying some indie games more than AAA titles. Examples include Little Nightmares, Stardew Valley, Dead Cells and others.

So, the studio is emerging as a horror indie game. Poppy playtime gets many people’s attention. Therefore, we expect to see something more innovative than the previous game so that it can gain heights in such a competitive industry.

Nevertheless, the Sci-fi genre has some exceptional indie games like Stray and Kerbal Space Program, which makes it quite an interesting competition for Mob Entertainment to stand as a new entry.

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