Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trilogy Theme Will Be Persistent With Uematsu

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trilogy

The fantasy RPG Final Fantasy has benefited Square Enix in various ways either its financially or brand reputation-wise.

While Final Fantasy 16 did a good job, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake second game Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth raised the bar as it got mostly appreciative critics and ended up as 90 plus on Metacritic.

However, what’s more intriguing about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy series is that an iconic theme composer of the franchise Uematsu is coming back for the third game of the remake trilogy.

Uematsu has been featured as the main theme composer for the first two games of the trilogy Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Rebirth so, this could be the reason that he will also compose the last one.

Square Enix has some interesting Final Fantasy insightful coverage channels to entertain its audience.

While previously the studio released a series of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth insights, the time it’s a talk session on the music channel of Square Enix featuring creative director Tetsuya Nomura,  writer Kazushige Nojima, and iconic theme composer Nobuo Uematsu.

When they were talking about No Promises to Keep, the theme of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Nomura asked Uematsu about the third game theme.

He said while you worked on the first and second game theme this could be the reason for your comeback for the third as well.

Elaborating more he said although we are not making it official yet, we believe it will come true, and it’s a rough agreement if we ask you do you come back?

Uematsu replied yes if I get a chance, I will be honored to do it.

So, this potentially hints that there will be no replacement for the theme composer in the place of Uematsu.

The reason why this is important is because, in a recent interview, Uematsu expressed his detachment from composing a game theme by saying he would never be able to compose a theme for a whole game.

So, this leads to dismay among fans to never see the iconic themes from Uematsu; however, the last game of the trilogy might be his last theme showcase.

Nonetheless, the third game of the Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy is very far away and is not yet titled even however, we advise fans to check the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth as it truly showcases the Final Fantasy potential.

Source: VGC

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