Gravity Rush 2 Remastered Releasing In Late Summer, Claims Insider

Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Studio introduced a unique action-adventure game, Gravity Rush, based on the physics of gravity. With its innovative game design and narrative, the game meets quite a massive audience.

Following the success of the game, the studio released a sequel, Gravity Rush 2, which expanded the positive aspects even more and ended up being a critical and commercial acclaim.

The game was originally made for PS4, so the fans have been waiting for a long for the upgraded versions of the game to play on their next-gen consoles and PCs.

Gravity Rush 2 Remastered For PS5 and PC

However, there is some sort of surprise from them as Sony is still working on Gravity Rush 2 Remastered for PS5 and PC.

From Gravity Rush 2 Remastered, the journey embarked on by Kat will appear more relive with the overhaul of the graphical elements of the game.

The piece of information was revealed by an Insider who has found a reputation with the true rumors of the Gravity Rush Movie and other stuff.

Although the source was rumbling about the release of the remastered for a year, now he is being specific by saying that some news for the game will be live soon in May. 

While getting more specific, he also mentioned that if things go along the line without any handicap, then the game will be released sometime in the late summer.

However, there is a sense of desperation here as he describes that the PC will get a later date for the game. Meanwhile, the game might get a proper photo mode As it is in the trial phase.

Moreover, there are some additional changes, such as the removal of dusty tokens; however, the online stuff will be available through a new short side quest.

Gravity Rush Movie

Apart from Gravity Rush 2 Remastered, the studio is also working on a Gravity Rush movie, which was revealed after more than a year of anticipation at Sony CES in January 2024 through a short teaser. While it was just a glimpse, it built a lot of hype for the movie because of its unique gravity-blending narrative.

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