Spider-Man 2 Has A 90 Percent Cut-off Of Venom Dialogues

Spider-Man 2

Insomniac appears to have tackled its Spider-Man sequel quite well with the graphics, gameplay, and narrative, and with the overhauled elements, the game has gotten a pretty decent reception from critics.

However, it seems Insomniac has changed the narrative vastly because the contemporary narrative is not the original one, as its voice actor confirms that Miles Morales is supposed to have a symbiotic possession in the game.

Why it matters: These assertions possibly suggest that Spider-Man 2 is much changed from its initial narrative; however, how the spare will take shape remains to be known.

Revealing some intriguing details about the game at Fan Expo San Francisco, Venom actor Tony Todd asserted that Miles Morales initially planned to get a symbiotic appearance in the game.

Looking back at the current narrative with no spoilers, Spider-Man 2 has some sort of symbiotic possession in the game as, at some point in the game, the infamous symbiote takes another Spider-Man, Peter, as its host.

Miles Morales had to deal with Peter because of symbiotic possession; however, it seems that it was not planned initially, and Miles Morales has had a host of symbiotes at any point of the game, which is not currently adapted in the game.

Meanwhile, continuing further, the Venom actor Tony Todd has told in a report that Insomniac has used only 10 percent of the dialogue it had recorded prior to the game. 


These details of the game’s initial state are quite mysterious as the game has changed significantly despite Miles Morales Peter’s symbiotic consumption. Many fans also believe that Venom has significantly declined in screentime compared with its predecessor, and these cut-offs of the Venom Dialogues are solid evidence of that.

It is assumed that its initial plans and dialogues might be scrapped; however, we believe it would never be the case, as taking much effort doesn’t result in a scrap.

From the details, we can make some assumptions. We believe that the Insomniac spared these narrative ideas for the future as recently, we reported that the Insomniac had taken a Venom spin-off into consideration with the fans’ demands.

Meanwhile, teasing the Venom spin-off Insomniacs might take the other recorded dialogues and the remaining screen time of Venom adapting into the Spin-off.

However, these are just assumptions, and as of right now, the future narrative of Insomniacs is far from known.

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