Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic Remake Potentially Being Cancelled

Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic Remake Cancelled

Steam Star Wars Games

Embracer Group is the studio of renowned games like Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Saints Row, Biomutant, and more. The studio’s latest releases are Dead Island 2, Payday 3, and Remnant 2.

Moreover, the studio is also working on some games like Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Island 2, Alone in the Dark, and more.

However, the studio is struggling with significant issues like the financial crisis, so the studio has canceled various projects.

Meanwhile, a highly anticipated title, Steam Star Wars Games: Knights of The Old Republic Remake, also seems in trouble as the game reveal trailer and announcement tweet suddenly disappear.

A Reddit user going by the name TricolorChutoy has recently pointed out that the official PlayStation YouTube channel has taken down the reveal trailer for the highly anticipated remake of the video game Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR). Despite the lack of any official statement from the developer, this move has fueled widespread speculation that the project may be canceled.

KOTOR Remake was announced with a reveal trailer as a timed PS5 exclusive in a PlayStation showcase in September 2021.

The game has faced multiple development delays since the takeover by Aspyr’s parent company, Saber Interactive, last year.

Moreover, as reported by Bloomberg last summer, the Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic Remake was delayed indefinitely as the Aspyr has stopped working on this game.

Additionally, Embracer claimed that it had collapsed a 2 billion USD deal with a company, resulting in implementing a restructuring program that would close multiple projects and studios.

Consequently, Embracer Group has recently undertaken a series of layoffs, resulting in the closure of several game studios, including Volition. This decision was made after the failure of the Saints Row game, which resulted in financial losses for the company. In addition, Embracer Group has warned that this closure will not be the last as they continue to downsize their operations.

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic Remake being cancelled is one of the significant consequences of its parent company, Embracer.

The game is the remake of the original Star Wars KOTOR released in 2003. The anticipation of the game was very high as the game was the upcoming sequel of the popular Star Wars franchise.

The franchise has made some impressive achievements as their latest game, Star Wars: Jedi Survivors, became very popular, so it was expected that Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic Remake would aid in the boost of the franchise.

Open World Star War Game enthusiasts have eagerly anticipated KOTOR Remake’s release since 2021. Thus, the news of the Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic Remake being cancelled has become a critical disappointment to them.

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