Alan Wake 2 Performance Mode Excluded From Xbox Series S

Alan Wake 2 Performance Mode

Xbox Series S Starfield

Remedy Entertainment, a renowned studio for producing remarkable action titles like Max Payne, Control, and Alan Wake, is gearing up for its new release, Alan Wake 2.

The game is the sequel to Alan Wake, a psychological thriller game released back in 2010. After a long time span of 13 years, Remedy Entertainment has returned Alan Wake 2 with an exciting trailer at the PlayStation showcase on June 9, 2023.

Ahead of its release, the game is wrapped with leaks and rumours; as of today, there was another revelation of the game.

Alan Wake 2 is ditching the highly demanding performance mode on the Xbox Series S. The information was revealed by a GAMEiNFORMER when interviewing the developer about the performance mode on Series S.

Xbox series S starfield will be restricted to a single mode in Alan Wake 2, that is, 30 FPS mode, which is the game’s base mode as described by the game developer that the game was originally designed for 30 FPS.

Moreover, Alan Wake 2 on Series S will target 30 fps with a possible resolution of 720 or 900p upscaled to 1440p. It is not new for developers in difficulty optimising games on Xbox Series S as previously, developers also struggled with the split-screen of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox Series S, which was ditched for series S.

Meanwhile, the same treatment was done by other games like Plaque Tail Requiem, Dead Space, Star Wars Jedi: Survivors and others to Xbox series S by skipping performance mode on the console.

However, In a tweet by the director, Thomas Puha described that Alan Wake 2 performance mode is confirmed for PS5 and Xbox series X as these consoles are powerful enough to cope with the requirements.

“I’m glad to say that Alan Wake 2 will have a Performance mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X,” Puha said. “The game has been built from the beginning as a 30fps experience focusing on visuals and ambience, but somehow we have managed to include a solid Performance mode. We’ll talk details later.”

Thomas Puha

Moreover, when asked by the developers about Alan Wake 2 performance mode whether the game will target 60 FPS or will be capped at 60 FPS, the developers asserted that they are still tweaking that.

Alan Wake 2 is releasing for the Xbox series S/X and PC on October 27, pursuing its conventional psychological horror elements with Alan Wake and Saga Anderson having an equally distributed storyline of 20 hours with both characters.

Furthermore, the game is currently the most ambitious project for Remedy Entertainment, so it is worth waiting for the game to see how the studio has treated the game.

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