Rise Of The Ronin Four Player CO-OP Confirmed By Team Ninja

Rise Of The Ronin

Sony has some great-looking exclusives this year while we are looking forward to the sword combat like action games Stellar Blade 2 and Rise of the Ronin.

Rise of the Ronin is one of the most promising-looking exclusives from Sony and is scheduled for March 22, 2024.

Although there is some speculation about the inclusion of co-op multiplayer elements in the game, it is now confirmed that the game will have a four-player co-op for the main missions.

Why it matters: co-op has already been tested in various soul-like games, and it has become a good point of interest for players.

Source: PlayStation

While various details of the game are answered in the FAQs of the official page of the game, the inclusion of four players co-op is now confirmed. 

However, for this amazing feature, you have to get a subscription to PlayStation Plus like other games while there will be no PVP combat in the game.

Meanwhile, unlike other games like Lords of the Fallen and others where you have a set protagonist, the game features character creation where you can customize your character manually.

While there’s is some ambiguity about how the co-op will actually be in the game there are high chance that it will be pretty similar to what seen in Nioh.

Like starting a mission, you can challenge yourself, or you can have cooperative help to defeat formidable enemies. 

Meanwhile, apart from co-op missions what will be the role of multiplayer in the open world remains unclear for now.

Nonetheless, the game is already shaping up as an exciting treat for PlayStation fans, and in terms of the details we got so far from the trailer, the game looks very solid.

The combat system of the game is the main point of focus for Ninja Team as it has a culmination of actions from the team’s previous works. Engaging one with enemies allows for a variety of playstyles, blending Gun And Sword, Counter Spark System, Switching between characters, using a glider for dropping explosives, and other close and long-range actions. 

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