Alan Wake 2 Protagonists Have A 50/50 Split, Remedy Confirms

Alan Wake 2 Protagonists

Alan Wake 2 Steam

Alan Wake 2 Steam is an upcoming game developed by Remedy Entertainment and will be published by Epic Games. With the game slated to be released on October 27, 2023, it will follow a survival horror theme like its predecessor, Alan Wake.

Although everyone is waiting for the game, especially after its Final Preview on September 26, 2023, in an interview with the game director Kyle Rowley and Principal Narrative Designer Molly Maloney, we have learned many things about the game, especially from the development perspective.

The game’s story will feature two Alan Wake 2 protagonists: Alan and Saga. The developers made sure to keep their stories independent while at the same time connecting them in a cohesive way: “…we made sure that they were almost like their own independent stories that worked independently with each other. Then found interesting ways to connect them together, in a kind of satisfying way afterward.” (Kyle Rowley)

The splitting of the story also helps the players take a breather and allows them to look at the story from a different person’s perspective. “…it’s really nice to be able to walk back”, in Molly’s words. Keeping in mind this is a horror game, if the players get stressed from playing Alan’s section, they can take it slow by going through Saga’s section.

The story split between Alan Wake 2 protagonists was something that is not yet. However, an interview with MP1st Remedy revealed that the story split is 50/50 between the protagonists.

The ratio is 50/50, confirmed by Kyle Rowley: “Yeah, it’s about 50/50.” The game’s story will equally revolve around both Alan Wake 2 protagonists, but they will not be isolated stories, as Alan will be seen in Saga’s side of the story. The 50/50 pacing felt right to the developers. The game is estimated to be about 20 hours long, so each protagonist should get 10 hours; however, as there are intersections in the story, it would be longer than this.

Looking at the Alan Wake 2 performance on consoles, the game is set to include performance mode for PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, like the other games, the game also excludes performance mode from the Xbox series S.

Let’s see how the game’s story turns out on October 27. Are you looking forward to playing the game? It will be available on PS5, Xbox Series XIS and PC. Stay tuned and keep updated for further news.

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