Tekken 8 Boasts 2 Million Milestone

Tekken 8

Bandai Namco released its new fighting game, Tekken 8, after nine years of a gap since Tekken 7 was Released in 2015. The game has received immense recognition from fighting game fans as it has reached a Metacritic score of 90.

However, not only did the game get critical acclaim, but it also got commercial acclaim as it has now surpassed the 2 million units sales milestone.

Why it matters: Tekken 8 redefined the fighting game’s approach with its beautiful narrative and engaging fighting mechanics.

Bandai Namco celebrated the sales of the game on its original Twitter by thanking the 2 million game players.

Meanwhile, to keep the enthusiasm of the fans high, the studio mentioned the addition of new content for the King of Iron Fist tournament. 

To achieve the 2 million mark, the game took only a month; however, It got its first million sales on its first day of release.

Still, it’s quite a short time for fighting to sell that much as many AAA titles can’t achieve that in that timeline while the sales are contributed by two major platforms, PS5 and PC.

In those two major platforms, PC Steam has the most sales as the players’ base of the game is big, while the game also feels better in every aspect of playing on PC.

Nonetheless, the game has become the most successful entry in the franchise as many sales in such time are unbeatable compared to others. However, Tekken 7 still has the most sales, as it has sold 10 million globally.

With the help of Tekken 8, the two million sales have increased the total sales of the franchise to 57 million, as it previously stood at 55 million by 2023.

Tekken 8 has become a new symbol of fighting games, and reviewers called it the best game in the franchise with its excellence in development.

We believe It’s the first game that has introduced the concept of a solid story in fighting games, while it has also portrayed Jin Kazama perfectly, as many praised the performance of the character.

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Apart from these, the game was up to par in its every element, whether its gameplay, visuals, animations and others.

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