Rainbow Six Siege Sequel Doesn’t Make Sense, Claims Director

Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy games are quite popular in terms of strategic shooter gameplay. Whether it is Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, the Division, or Rainbow Six Siege, all have done justice with their shooter gameplay.

However, Rainbow Six Siege, as a live-service tactical shooter, has done better than all of them and is still dominating despite being nine years old.

Today, the director of the game asserted in an interview that the game doesn’t need any sequel and is perfectly up to par without any sequel. 

Why it matters: We believe that the concept of the director is rational because a sequel is preferable for a story game rather than for a live service title.

The creative director, Alexander Karpazis, at Siege Invitational 2024 in Brazil, speaks out about Rainbow Six Siege’s excellence over its nine years as described by PC Gamer.

The director said that games of similar age to Rainbow Six Siege have aged, like Pubg, Call of Duty and others.

Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Image

While the game is still dominating the market as a live service shooter, no game has replaced its excellence in terms of a PVP shooter.

Although there are some concepts of the game being aged and needing a sequel, the game director says that we are improving the game on a monthly basis, so it doesn’t need any sequel. The engine of the game is still one of the best in the market.

Switching engines to something that can be off-the-shelf ready simply doesn’t answer the needs of a really competitive and demanding game like Siege.

Alexander Karpazis

In fact, he is totally against the idea of a sequel as it says that a sequel takes your precious time, money, and effort while, in return, it doesn’t give the same outcome as expected.

For a sequel, the developer has to remake every single element of the original game.

So, he says that if the same amount of effort is being made on the original game, it would be better as it would yeild fruitful outcomes.

In the end, the director asserted that we would take the future of Rainbow Six Siege in some other direction if we saw some obvious benefits from it.

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Nonetheless, Rainbow Six Siege is available to buy on Steam at $19.99, and the team has added a new update, Operation Deadly Omen, which has new Deimos and others.

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