Palworld Amassed 25 Million Players In A Month


The open-world survival Palworld by Pocket Pair has amazed everyone with its compelling strategic gameplay.

The game quickly gained the attention of players after its release on 19th January 2024 For PC and Xbox Series S/X  and got different peaks day by day while now it has reached yet another milestone after a month of its release.

It has now sold over 15 million units and has upheld 10 million players on Xbox worldwide.

Looking at the amount of success with such a small-based game it appears that players are interested in fun in games over realism seen in AAA titles.

The game performance statistics for a month are now released which has reached even further heights prior to the previous records.

The game has gathered immense popularity which is depicted by the statistics as the game has reached 10 million players on Xbox.

Moreover, looking at the game sales figures it has sold over 15 million in just a month which has an extraordinarily good sales margin and has not been achieved by any game

Nonetheless, if we compare the game to Bethesda’s largest RPG starfield which took over 25 years of development has only got 10 million players in a month while the game sales marks are still not revealed by the studio.

Palworld is hailed as a Pokemon-like survival game where you capture pals to use them for different purposes for your base while as you level up you can achieve more power for capturing some high-level pals for additional perks.

Pals With Guns

Unlocking various new items for crafting and making your base more productive you end up spending many hours and in this way, the game gives you an endless amount of fun for hours.

Moreover, looking at the concurrent players on Steam the game reached to all-time peak of 2 million players 26 days before however, after the release of Helldivers 2 the game declined in players on Steam.

However, the game still has a decent amount of players in the game on Steam around 317k players are still playing the game at the time of writing.

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