Xbox Exclusives Pentiment And Grounded Scheduled For Nintendo

Xbox Exclusives


There are some more announcements as Sea Of Thieves is launching for PS5 on April 30, and like Grounded, it supports crossplay, while Hi-Fi Rush is arriving for PS5 on March 19. Meanwhile, the other two, Pentiment and Grounded, are also coming For PS5.

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Although there were rumblings of Xbox going multiple platforms with the release of some titles for Nintendo while some for PlayStation 5, the recent business update by Xbox has supported the rumors as it has confirmed four major titles for Nintendo Switch.

However, today in the Nintendo Direct, Xbox Exclusives Pentinment and Grounded have been confirmed for Nintendo Switch.

Why it matters: From the multi-platform approach, Xbox can grab a wider audience for its games and most importantly, having a presence in the Nintendo ecosystem is what can have a lasting mark on the company.

Xbox Exclusives
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Nintendo has revealed its games showcase in today’s Nintendo Direct, which was planned for 25 minutes.

In the showcase, two of the four titles of Xbox planned for Nintendo Switch have been confirmed. Pentinment the adventure game, has been scheduled for 22 Feb. On the other hand, Grounded, the survival game, has been scheduled for 16 April.

What’s more exciting is the inclusion of crossplay For Grounded on Nintendo Switch.

However, despite these revelations, there’s a disappointment for Nintendo users as there is no update given on the other two titles, such as Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush.

Hi-Fi Rush is the most popular Xbox exclusive and has received various critical accolades for its fun-to-play rhymic action, so the main anticipation of Nintendo fans was this game.

Meanwhile, these Xbox Exclusives are also assumed to be released on PS5. However, they dropped only on Nintendo for now, while it might be Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves, which would be released On PS5 however, it’s just an assumption for now.

Nonetheless, in the showcase, there is also the announcement of some Nintendo games for multiplatform, which include Star Wars Battlefront CC, Shin Megami Tensei V, Monster Hunter Stories, and Gundam Breaker; however, the latter two will not released for Xbox.

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