Spider-Man 2 Dev Comments On Game Length Debate

Spider-Man 2 Dev

Playstation has shipped with its biggest AAA exclusive Spider-Man 2. The game has already got itself in the hearts of gamers as it is believed to be the best superhero game ever made.

Spider-Man 2 amazes folks with its overhauling visuals, actionable gameplay, and new accessibility features; however, the game length is something that is under discussion, while many claim that the game is not worth it due to its short playtime.

Following the debate, Spider-Man 2 Dev comes with an explanation of the scenario, saying that the game’s playtime is completely fine and it’s worth it as the focus was more on quality than playtime.

For us, it really comes down to the experience we want to deliver with the quality we want to hit,” he says.

“Obviously, there’s a certain level of, ‘hey, someone’s going to spend this much money on a game,’ so we want to give them the experience that’s worth it.

“Our job is to make sure that you feel no matter how long it is, it’s worth that money, it’s worth that investment.”

The debate is rational as the game has a playtime of around 20-30 hours, which is quite short as we look at the latest release like Starfield, which has around 146 hours of playtime.

Moreover, the game is priced at 69 USD, and if we compare the playtime of the title with the playtime of similar-priced titles like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Elden Ring, the game is way too short.

Nevertheless, we believe that the game’s playtime is okay as Marvel’s Spider-Man also had similar playtime.

While the game is of more focused game as it is based on a single theme of the superhero Spider-Man in the city of New York, the dragging of the game wouldn’t be reasonable as more playtime might have a trade-off of quality to quantity.

Nonetheless, Spider-Man 2 is the biggest title of the year and a possible game of the year contender due to its exceptional reviews from various outlets.

The PlayStation’s latest console, PS5 Slim, is arriving this November, giving a good opportunity for folks to play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on a new console, joining the PlayStation ecosystem in a fancy way.

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