Call Of Duty 2024 Leak Suggests Remastered Maps

Call Of Duty 2024

Rumors of Call of Duty 2024 have begun a year before its release, intensifying the anticipation of the game enthusiasts for Treyarch’s new title. With its all-time favorite content, the Call of Duty series always caught the attention of first-person shooter genre game lovers. 

While believing Treyarch’s new title adds more to the existing series, rumors surfaced that Call of Duty 2024 will have maps from the previous Black Ops series. 

Additionally, as pinpointed out by Tom Henderson, Treyarch has been working on classic maps of the Black Ops series; however, it does not specify where the maps will actually be integrated. Nonetheless, the inclusion of maps in Call of Duty 2024 from Black Ops 1’s ‘WMD’ and Black Ops 2’s ‘Grind’ are said to be ascertained.

Meanwhile, though the game setting is not official, leaks suggest that Call of Duty 2024 will circulate around the Gulf War, which is something innovative in the franchise as it is not included in previous games.

Incorporating remastered maps into games seems nostalgic; revisiting familiar locations can be a pleasant trip down memory lane for many long-time playing fans. Remastered old maps are also preferable in another way that they have fairer and more satisfactory visuals than the original version.

Treyarch seems to stick with this trend of remastering old maps, as Modern Warfare 3 will be using 16 remastered maps from Modern Warfare 2 of 2009, while new maps are only available post-launch of the game.

For all one knows, it may be due to Treyarch’s commitment to accentuating the multiplayer game experience in its new titles because returning players quickly adapt to the layout and strategies, which can enhance the game’s competitive aspect in multiplayer.

Furthermore, on the company hand, returning to the old maps ameliorates the financial hurdle for the developer while also lessening the time for complicated and time-consuming game development work.

Meanwhile, on the gamers hand, some players who have already played on the priorer map and expect innovative original content may be disappointed and find it boring. 

Nonetheless, it’s worth waiting to see how Microsoft will pursue this famous franchise as it’s now under the umbrella of Xbox after the recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft on October 13 of the current year.

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