CDPR Can Comfortably Fund Their Future Projects, CDPR’s CEO


CD PROJEKT RED has been phenomenal with almost every project ranging from RPG to sci-fi shooter. CDPR has been successful with each genre.

While Witcher was successful from day one, the Cyberpunk 2077 launch was quite disappointing due to major downsides such as various bugs and others.

However, CD PROJEKT RED didn’t stop here and came up with a massive redemption of Cyberpunk 2077 with a DLC Phantom Liberty that became extremely popular in the 2023 games.

Following the successful redemption of Cyberpunk 2077, the studio has turned its attention to its next major projects.

The studio has been developing five projects, and developing such a number of games at once needs a ton of funds to support the development of these.

However, the studio is fully confident with its current budget as recently the CEO spoke in an interview with the Polish newspaper Parkiet that they are confident enough to fully support the projects without any financial aid from others.

We feel safe with the cash we have


Elaborating more, the CDPR’s CEO stated there have been difficult times in the past, and they have taken inspiration from those difficulties. While now they have a well-calculated strategy for the future.

Meanwhile, we also have the estimation of the company’s current assets. As such, according to Q3 2023 financial results, the company has more than 600 million assets.

Nevertheless, during that interview, the CDPR’s CEO made another promising statement amidst the current acquisition trend. The CEO has clearly highlighted that they are not interested in getting acquired by a big entity.


They say that they are in the sweet spot of being independent and have worked hard to get to this position while aiming for more growth in future.

Certainly, it’s the financial status of the company which is making them independent, resisting their acquisition.

If a studio has a strategy for future projects and is confident with its funds, then there is no need to get bound by a big entity.

The five projects of CDPR enlists the highly anticipated Witcher 4: Polaris, which is going to be released in 2024, and CDPR is very ambitious with it as it said the game is going to break the boundaries for RPGs.

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