Bethesda’s Most Anticipated RPG Starfield Reviews Dropped

Starfield Reviews

New Space Game by Bethesda

Starfield is an upcoming sci-fi RPG game, with a vast universe to explore, including planets, spaceships, and mysterious creatures.

According to New Space Game by Bethesda, Starfield took eight years to develop, and its early access begins today. After a long time of anticipation, leaks, and teasers, the game will be played on early access.

Starfield reviews were dropped today, and the game has got nice critics ahead of launch.

Why it matters: As the launch date of Starfield nears, the game has been trending for the past few days. Fans are eagerly anticipating the review bombs to gain a comprehensive understanding of the game’s features.

Starfield Review
Source: Metacritic

The reviews of the game are pretty impressive and are mostly positive reviews.

Here are some of the Starfield reviews

  • VGC 10/10
  • Twinfinite 9/10
  • Gamespot 7/10
  • GamesRadar+ 10/10
  • IGN 7/10
  • Forbes 9.5/10
  • Destructoid 10/10
  • PCGamesN 7/10
  • WCCFTech 9/10

Furthermore, Starfield has a Metascore of 88 on PC with 50 reviews, mostly positive reviews. The game has no negative reviews, while the positive reviews account for 92%(46) and the mixed reviews are 8% (4). Meanwhile, Xbox Series X reviews are almost identical to PC, having a Metascore of 87.

The game’s writing, gameplay, and story are liked by users. Moreover, the game missions, open-world elements, and exploration were immensely enjoyable for the users.

However, some fans considered the game falling short of Bethesda masterpieces like Fallout 4 and Skyrim; though the game doesn’t reach the level of these games, it is a massive RPG from Bethesda.

Moreover, the Starfield Traversal system has some drawbacks spotted by reviewers, such as a lack of seamless traversal between planets, and the game needs fast travel for navigation of planets, making the game’s world somewhat incoherent.

Similarly, Starfield has 1000 planets, and reviewers found that many planets have no content, which is also a drawback of the game as it makes the exploration less compelling.


Additionally, Starfield has very few bugs and is the most polished game of Bethesda, so there is no doubt that Bethesda has spent eight years making every aspect of the game exceptional.

Finally, looking at Starfield’s performance, the game is highly demanding and needs an upgrade of the specs, as the game even struggles on the RTX 3060 for 60fps.

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With the Starfield release date of September 6 rapidly approaching, anticipation is building for an immersive space adventure. Brace yourself for an out-of-this-world gaming experience as the clock ticks down to launch day.

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