Xbox Series X Digital Edition Planned With Other Hardware In 2025

Xbox Series X Digital Edition Planned

Xbox Series X Digital Edition

The next-gen consoles of Microsoft are the Xbox Series X and S. The Xbox Series X is more powerful and can run games at 4k 60 fps.

On the other hand, Xbox Cloud Gaming Series S sits below X in terms of performance and can’t play games at 60fps with 4k resolution. It plays games on 2k fps resolution.

Nonetheless, both struggle in the latest games as they are less optimized. Like, Starfield only runs at 30fps on both consoles.

In the digital era, the Digital Edition of consoles is more convenient. The Xbox Series S has a digital version, while the Xbox Series X lacks this.

There are rumors circulating that an Xbox Series X Digital Edition is Planned in the near future.

According to Shpeshal Nick on a podcast from the Xbox Era, there are rumors that the Xbox Series X Digital Edition and other hardware will be released in 2025.

I Have Heard From Different Sources About Xbox Series X Digital Edition And Other Hardware In 2025

Shpeshal Nick

Meanwhile, Series S is slim because of no drive, which means the new Xbox Series X Digital Edition Planned would be much slimmer than its disc version.

Furthermore, he asserted that Metroid 4 will not be an open world. Nonetheless, it would be far more huge than previous games.

In addition, he also described the Nintendo Switch 2 as being digital and PlayStation-like.

Furthermore, a previous rumor is that PS5 Pro is coming alongside Switch Pro, so these are some hardware in recent discussions; however, take this with a grain of salt.

Moreover, it is also reported that the PS5 Pro will support resolutions up to 8k.

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