Neil Druckmann Says “He Has Not Many Games Left In Him”

Neil Druckmann

Neil Druckmann has gone great guns as a director in Naughty Dogs. Ranging from Uncharted to The Last Of Us, the director has no shortage of great game catalogues. Its most recent showcase is the Last of Us Part 2, which like others, proved a success.

Neil Druckmann Retiring From Making Games

However, there is some disappointing news coming up from the director, as the director is potentially hinting at retirement from creating games.

As reported by VGC during an interview with rapper Logic, Neil Druckmann stated that when he looks at the amount of games he has left in him, there are not many big games. This potentially indicates that the director is probably retiring from making after a few additional projects.

“But you know, I’ve started thinking about how many more of these games do I have in me, and it’s not that many.”

Neil Druckmann

He mentioned the director Quentin Tarantino as being his fan, and while the director is looking to quit the industry with 10 films, he believes it is true.

Meanwhile, the director expressed the impact of directing games on his social life. He described that it’s really really hard to craft a game that doesn’t appear repetitive and has fresh stuff for the engagement of fans

So, for that, you have to do all of your work day and night, and in doing so, it ends up being so stressful. Especially after Uncharted 2, the director has gone onto that stressful life while the main issue with the work is you just end up messing up your personal life.

As a father of 13 years, he says that there are responsibilities for me the spend time with my children, and the previous time will never come again.

So to pursue this, he is looking to transition into something that is less stressful and creative.

“So, I could see myself transitioning to something that’s like more low-key, and lower stressed, that still allows me to have this creative outlet,”

Neil Druckmann

Neil Druckmann Movies And TV Shows

The director has showcased his potential in filmmaking and TV shows with Projects Like HBO’s The Last Of Us TV Show and Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. As the director described taking off from game-making and also showed interest in these projects, I assume, the director will transition into film and TV shows in the future.

Neil Druckmann Upcoming Projects

Nonetheless, the director has already planned the concept of Last of Us Part 3 while he is also working on an unannounced game, so these might be the last few examples of his mastery of the games industry.

Developing Games At The Current Time

In the current days, AAA game development is directed into troublesome experiences as it costs so much time and money still, only a few make it to the point where it can be considered acclaim.

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