Witcher 4 Will Enter the Production Phase, Might Arrive By 2026 Or 2027

Witcher 4


  • As we reported earlier, Witcher 4 Is In development under Project Polaris
  • However, Now Substantial development has occurred as it has finally entered the production phase
  • The studio is looking for 400 developers for this project by the middle of the year.
  • The game might arrive by 2026 or 2027, as per analysts.

While the CDPR project has been phenomenal with the Witcher series, the Witcher 3 has raised the bar for the franchise as it holds great recognition as an RPG game.

It’s been quite a while since 2015 we haven’t seen any Witcher game from the franchise. However, we have recently seen reports of the Witcher 4 Polaris development updates.

Although the game has accelerated its development process through sequential addition of developers progressively but now it will finally shift from preproduction to the production phase this year.

Why it matters: Among the other projects of the studio, Witcher 4 is the most accelerated one, as most of the developers are working here.


The update of Witcher 4 came from the CEO Adam Badowski, who told Reuters that the game is likely to enter the production phase soon this year.

Project Polaris entering into the production phase has been quite a substantial development because now a large number of developers will leap into the project to start crafting the different elements of the game.

So, to pursue this, the CEO of CDPR described that they need around 400 developers working on the project by the middle of the year.

Nevertheless, from the AAA perspective, the game will take two to five years to complete development: however, analysts already predicted that the game will arrive by 2026 or 2027.


Meanwhile, it’s not the only project CDPR is working on as there are some other projects in development as well, while the most important is the Cyberpunk sequel under the codename project Orion, though it’s only in the conceptual Phase.

Yet, Witcher 4 is the most ambitious project from the studio and will be the first priority of development for the studio, while, as we reported earlier, CDPR has also illustrated that the game is going to break RPG boundaries. While the return is Geralt is confirmed in the game.

Although other studios have already seen incorporating AI for game production, it appears CDPR does not approach the same thing as they said they would not use AI for Witcher 4 to replace Developers.

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