Twitter Dark Mode Will Be The New Default Setting

Twitter Dark Mode

Subtitle Twitter will shift to dark mode by default but still offer a light mode option!

In the past, business magnate Elon Musk acquired Twitter for US$44 billion. Soon after the acquisition, Elon Musk started making changes to it.

Since after acquisition, Elon Musk has changed many things on the Twitter platform for users, such as Changing the Twitter name to X and the logo to a new black square containing a white-linked X in the middle. Moreover, he is also planning to change the Twitter theme.

“Twitter / X would “soon only have a ‘dark mode” because it’s “better in every way,”

Elon Musk

Furthermore, he also tweeted about the people capitulating to him to keep the light mode.

So, he confirmed that he will soon make the dark theme Twitter default while also sustaining the light mode option.

It is one of the many successively changed settings done by Elon Musk after owning Twitter. Most people agreed with him by saying that black would be the best theme and pleasant for the eyes. However, some also suggested many other colors, green, yellow, and more.

But as expected, Many People also argued by saying that it is hard to read the light text in black and suggesting to endure the light mode option.

On a voting scale that Elon Musk on Twitter generated, 75℅ people accounted for black and 25℅ for the light default theme.

Currently, Twitter/X offers a few different themes to users on their preference; there is the light mode, a dim mode, offering dark blue background, and a lights-out mode.

Amid its debranding efforts, Twitter has experienced both positive developments and drawbacks. One notable challenge arose when the platform limited the viewing of daily tweets, leading numerous users to flock to a new Twitter-like app, “Threads” by the social media giant Instagram.

Nonetheless, the tide turned when Twitter decided to eliminate the tweet limit. Subsequently, the number of posts and uploads on the threat dropped significantly.

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