Lies Of P DLC Hinted By A Job Listing

Lies Of P DLC

This year, Neowiz released its first Souls-like game, Lies of P, and interestingly, the game was received very well due to its excellent art of the Souls-like genre.

Due to the excellent critics, Neowiz is pursuing the game more with the addition of DLC for the game.

The DLC project was unveiled by Konami Games from a job listing for Neowiz’s Round8 studio, though the listing is in Korean; however, via Google translation, we get the following details from it.

It’s an action RPG project in development for PC and console based on Unreal Engine 4, and for the soulslike category, it follows the beautiful combat and level design seen in Lies of P.

Meanwhile, as confirmed by IGN, the job listing is for Lies of P DLC Content Planner. It’s worth noting that the DLC is planned for production, while there is no official confirmation from Neowiz. 

Moreover, as reported by PC Games N in a letter, game director Choi Ji Won asserted that the studio is going to share the roadmap for Lies of P as soon as it is up for it.

Meanwhile, in the DLC, it is mentioned that it will follow the story of Lies of P. However, the game teased fans with a post-credit scene where it mentioned Dorothy from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, suggesting the direction of the game going into the fairy tales of the character.

However, it is worth waiting to see whether more content of Lies of P follows the tale of Lies Of P or if the studio will add a spin-off of the franchise.

Furthermore, like Lies of P, the DLC is also based on the previous Unreal engine, though most of the recent games use Unreal Engine 5 as it’s a true technology advancement.

Additionally, the studio is new to the souls-like genre, and it’s a highly saturated genre as various studios are working on this genre and have developed games like Lords of the Fallen. It will be interesting to see how the studio’s new souls-like games stand in the souls-like genre.

Lies of P was released on September 19, 2023, for PCs and consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. While it was the first Neowiz souls-like game, the game quickly turned the attention of gamers.

The game was pretty impressive rated as most of the platforms like Steam, IGN, and GameSpot gave it excellent critics.

Though the game took inspiration from From Software Souls games, some gamers even perceived it as a Souls game and said that the game resembles Sekiro in combat and storytelling.

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