Marvel’s Wolverine Will Duplicate Spider-Man 2 Universe

Marvel's Wolverine Universe

Marvel’s Wolverine is the upcoming highly anticipated spin-off from Insomniac games, which was revealed with a brief teaser trailer back in 2021, which is the same time as Spider-Man 2 revealed; however, at that time, it was confirmed that the game was in early development.

Fans are already speculating about Marvel’s Wolverine universe, though some believe that the universe will be the same as in Spider-Man 2; however, there was no confirmation.

Following the successful release of Spider-Man 2, Insomniac has finally turned its attention to Marvel’s Wolverine, confirming that the game will have the same universe as Spider-Man 2.

The revelation came through in Kinda Funny Games podcast when the director of Spider-Man 2, Intihar, was asked about the universe of Wolverine.

“They’re all 1048,” and then added, laughing. “I think I got that right.”


“1048” refers to the universe existing in Spider-Man 2.

We have already seen characters featured in a single game before, as Spider-Man’s Web of Shadows had Spider-Man coexisting with Wolverine and other Marvel characters like Moon Knight.

However, the existence of both characters in not possible in the game, as Intihar already clarified that direct references and crossovers have “remained far and few in between”.

While emphasizing more on this, Bryan Intihar asserted that let the team pursue its own vision, focusing more on solo gameplay without outside references.

Nevertheless, it’s worth to see that how insomniacs will end up pursuing the Wolverine in the Spider-Man 2 universe.

Like other titles, Insomniac has been making the game a privilege for PlayStation 5 users while getting a release window between 2024 and 2025.

Furthermore, Insomniac is looking for different approaches for future releases, like a Venom spin-off, which is already teased, while also looking for something unique about Spider-Man 3, as said that it will be epic.

It will be interesting to see the future of Insomniac titles and if it’s not a crossover this time, but it would produce a crossover possibility in the future.

We believe that the vision of the team is quite reasonable as favoring a more focused Wolverine superhero adventure is a good option rather than confusing it with the inclusion of crossover.

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